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Why did I start my business?

In all my corporate jobs, I was successful, was promoted rapidly, and got results for my clients. But I always knew that something was missing.

The people who REALLY made a difference with their leadership had an indefinable something that set them apart.

When I realised that they had exceptional communication skills, self-awareness and emotional intelligence, I set about learning for myself “the difference that makes a difference”.

It was transformational, and after decades of learning, applying what I’d learnt and experiencing the benefits, I began to share what I had learnt with other managers and leaders in business.

So I started training people in Soft Skills with Hard Benefits, and every day I witness the benefits.

It is extremely rewarding and I love what I do.

Madeleine Allen is a human leader in a corporate world. She delivers training in Soft Skills with Hard Benefits, enabling leaders to be compassionate AND profitable.