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It pays to be compassionate.

Everyone goes through vulnerable periods at work.

Relationship issues, ill-health, bereavement all take their toll. As a manager, you have certain basic legal obligations towards your staff. But is this enough?​

It might be worth remembering that in a worst-case scenario, if an employee takes their employer to a tribunal over the way that they were treated during a bereavement or other difficult period, the tribunal will expect the employer to have been sympathetic to the employee, and to have done everything in its power to help the employee when they needed it.

If you want more guidance on what to do to support your staff, in the UK, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) has excellent legal and practical guidance to employers.

Madeleine Allen is a human leader in a corporate world. She delivers training in Soft Skills with Hard Benefits, enabling leaders to be compassionate AND profitable.