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Soft Skills with Hard Benefits


Do you value soft skills?

Do you believe that people are your best asset?

Do your people need help with the skills to think, communicate and perform to the best of their abilities?

If so, I can help. 

With a background in Programme Management and Management Consultancy, I have developed my communication skills and now train others in “Soft Skills With Hard Benefits”. 

NLP in the workplace

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Recruitment Interviewing

Recruitment is a costly process, and you want to hire the right person for every vacancy. The cost of getting it wrong is huge. As well as the time and effort to replace someone, you can also experience the disruption to the team, impact on morale, and loss of knowledge and efficiency during handovers. 

Getting the right person really matters. Equip your managers to carry out really effective recruitment interviews, whilst staying compliant with current legislation. Good hiring decisions will always have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Grief @ Work Awareness

On any given day, 1 in 10 of your workforce will be actively experiencing a bereavement. Grief and loss can impact performance and mental health. When staff feel unsupported, it can impact their morale, staff engagement and staff loyalty. 

Equipping your managers to be able to provide first-line support to grieving and bereaved staff can complement your mental health and staff well-being agenda, and also make a real positive impact on the bottom line.

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Why did I start my business?

Why did I start my business? In all my corporate jobs, I was successful, was promoted rapidly, and got results for my clients. But I always knew that something was missing. The people who REALLY made a difference with their leadership had an indefinable something that...

Do more than the minimum

It pays to be compassionate. Everyone goes through vulnerable periods at work. Relationship issues, ill-health, bereavement all take their toll. As a manager, you have certain basic legal obligations towards your staff. But is this enough?​ It might be worth...

5 lessons for new managers

New managers are often promoted from within a team, and without having previous experience of being a manager. We've put together this list of five lessons for new managers, which we have found helpful. 1. Some people may not like it. The people who were your peers...

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of my clients have said about my training.

Really well-presented, practical examples. Excellent tools to take away and use. Made me think about the ideas and strategies.

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

Excellent trainer. Very personable. Good preparation, examples and information. Engaging full-day programme that balanced interactivity, practical tips and theory. 

The National Trust for Scotland

The great thing is that we can actively use tools from this programme in our roles at Head Resourcing. Addressing the issues we come across every day, opening the conversation to find new ways of dealing with these issues. Looking at the state of mind, and how this can help you to achieve a positive outcome!

Head Resourcing

Madeleine is a fantastic trainer, and I really enjoyed working with her. The engagement and the willingness to answer as many questions as we have. Lots of useful information that I can use at work.

Be Positive